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Some of the Things We Do

We provide complete production services from script to final delivery, focused on Middle Tennessee and especially Rutherford County.  We aspire to help local businesses, non-profits, and individuals make positive change in our community.


Using the high quality, cost-effective medium of digital video, we create competitively priced, well-crafted videos that tell your story - whether it be commercial, artistic, public service or personal - while simultaneously pleasing your budget and surpassing your expectations.  We'll help you tell honest, straight-forward stories about your company, your product, your brand, and yourself.


Our services include 4K and HD production, editing, teleprompting, and green screen.  Our portfolio includes event videos, promotional presentations, music videos, crowdfunding pitches, narrative projects, web videos, and documentaries.

Video to Train & Inform

Keeping clients up-to-date with everything your business offers leads to better relationships and increased sales.


Employee training that draws on the narrative strength of video leads to better teamwork, higher morale, and a safer, more productive workplace.


The precision and archival quality of digital media leaves no doubt as to exactly what was promised to the customer and taught to the employee; an important benefit in a society so prone to lawsuits.

Video for Your Website

Businesses that use video on their websites enjoy better follow-up from potential customers.  Sixty percent of visitors watch video content before reading any text on the same page.


People are more comfortable reaching out to someone whose face and voice are already familiar to them.  Video breaks the ice, even before the first email, phone call, or meeting has taken place.


In addition, testimonial videos from satisfied customers give a business credibility and a sense of trustworthiness.

Video to Commemorate

Business conferences, product launches, award programs, weddings, graduations, concerts, marketing presentations, retirement ceremonies... if it's worth remembering, it's worth preserving digitally.


Digital video documentation of important events in the lives of individuals and organizations not only serves to preserve history, it also provides raw material for valuable marketing and training presentations.

Video to Entertain

There's room for an element of entertainment in every video, whether it's main purpose is community outreach, marketing, employee training, or live event documentation.  But we also embrace projects that are created, first and foremost, to entertain.

We can collaborate with you on your digital film production at any stage and in any capacity, from script, to cinematography, to final edit for music videos, short films, web series, and feature-length narratives.

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